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The Land Of China -- Land Scenes

Even tours through all of China's 31 provinces and trips along the vast country's landmarks are not able to cover all the faces of China or display the true beauty the land holds. And it is true, yes, that only reality can serve the heart of an eager beholder of magnificent scenery.

Yet human technology has allowed us to come close to such reality with photography, allowing people to engage in beautiful memories or believe in fantasies outside of their own spheres. Do pictures really tell the story of a scene? They have to! - for why do humans every single day go through the troubles of making sure they snap a shot of a beautiful sunset or get a glimpse of a rare and inspiring blanket of fog?

The set of photography of China below may not be reality, but it is a broad window to the fascinating land of China. The pictures are not labeled or designated to a specific area - they are different scenes and aspects from all over China, all coming together to give you the chance to see all the faces of China all at once. Each scene is unique and special in its own way, telling a unique story; yet the scenes are also linked together, for they all are part of the same piece of land on the face of the earth.

You have traveled to the provinces and to the landmarks, now it is time to travel to the country and its land as one. In conclusion to Beauty, the Land of China, here are the diamond's facets of a glorious country.

Can you recognize any of these scenes?