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the Annular Fall in Huang Long

Huang Long

Huang Long
Huang Long, meaning "Yellow Dragon", lies in the south part of Min Mountain in Song Pan County of Sichuan in southwest China. It was denominated a special scenic spot of China in 1982 and entered into "The Natural Legacy Lists of the World" in 1992. It covers an area of about 700 square kilometers and has two parts: Huang Long and Muni Gorge. Huang Long includes Huang Long Valley, Danyun Gorge, Snow Treasure Peak, while Muni Gorge comprises two scenic spots: the Zhaga Waterfall and the Erdao Lake.

Huang Long scenic spot has very special sceneries, rich natural resources, and primeval forest. Huanglong is thus called "A Fairyland on Earth". There are snow mountains just like those in Canada, the Great Gorge in America, the primeval forest in Colorado, and the glamourous ponds in Huangshi Park. With so many wonderful views gathered in one place, Huang Long is not only the treasure of China, but also the treasure of the world.

Huang Long Valley

Huang Long Valley
According to legend, many, many years ago there was a sage named Huang Long who lived in the upper reaches of the Ming Jiang River. He had once help Da Yu govern the Chang Jiang River, the Yellow River, Huai He River, and Ji He rivers. Afterwards he became a hermit and lived in the Erdao Lake and then mounted a white deer to Huang Long and trained in the Huang Long cave. The place is thus called Huang Long.

Huang Long Valley is deeply hidden in Mount Cang Long. It is about 60 kilometers from Cang Long to the east of Snow Mountain Peak and the forest. Here a light yellow, calcareous heap covers the surface of the earth, like a golden dragon running swiftly out from the boundless forest. Thus, the name of "Yellow Dragon."

Potted Landscape Ponds
On the calcareous heap, there are thousands of pools with a variety of colors and shapes. Flower Washing ponds, Glowing Ponds, Potted Landscape Ponds, Mirror Ponds, Sal Tree Ponds, Glamorous Ponds, Fragrant Ponds, Jade-bathing Ponds, Colorful Ponds in the snow mountain, and so on. They are in eight parts, ingeniously bright, gorgeous, and splendid.

Among the pools, there are many other scenes: Huang Long Cave, the biggest calcareous cave in China; Jinshapudi, a rare calcareous fluid in the world; the Glowing Waterfall, splashing down like silver pearls ; and the immemorial, a mysterious and attractive Sleeping Beauty.

Danyun Gorge

Danyun Gorge, a Natural Scroll Painting
There are innumerable sheer precipices and overhanging rocks in Danyun Gorge: Stone Horse Pass, Kuanyin Rock, and Zou Kong Rock and the Squating Cat, standing facing each other. Long Di Shui and the lcy Waterfall spill down and wind their wayy for about 18 kilometers to the heart of the mountain. It is very dangerous in the valley.

From the Jade Bamboo Shoot Peak which lies in the mouth of Huanglong Valley to the Fan-Shaped Cave, the mountains rise and fall. The Fujiang River flows along. As the tide of autumn arrives, all the leaves grow red,
Snow Treasure Peak
and the gorge transforms into a roll of splendid bright and colorful mountains, like a watercolor painting.

Snow Treasure Peak
In the fairy tales of tbe Zang, Qiang, Hui and Han nationalities, Snow Treasure Peak was very holy. It is the highest peak in the range of Mingshan Mountain, reaching 5588 meters above sea level. It looks like a huge white pyramid standing among the mountains. There are plenty of ancient glaciers around it, which have developed into a huge mass and nearly a hundred highland lakes of 10000 square meters today.

Zhaga Waterfall, Erdao Lake, and the big grassland
The Mouni Gorge lies in the boundless forest. There is an immense warterfall roaring down from the calcareous rock which is 104 metres high.
Zhaga Waterfall
This is the biggest calcareous waterfall in China, the Zhaga Waterfall. There are also caves among the waterfall, where streams flow down along the rock and drops of water dance in the air, and inside the cave is a marvellous wonder.

Erdao Lake is in the north part of Mouni Gorge. The beautiful lakes such as Swan Lake, Flowers Lake, and Rhinoceros Lake appear like shining diamonds in the green forest, quiet and attractive. A hot, medical, mineral spring with a temperature of 21° C at the south part of the valley is named Pearl-Boiling Lake.
Vast Grassland
It is said that Pearl-Boiling Lake was formed by a HuangLong sage who protect the fairies from illness while he was living in Erdao Lake. There is also an exotic cavity near North Heaven Palace by the Flower Ponds with stalactites inside in various interesting shapes.

Within the boundaries of Song Pan, there are vast grasslands. When spring comes, all flowers are vying for beauty in full bloom. The summer grasslands are dotted with cows and sheep. In autumn, the whole grassland looks just like a huge and magnificent picture, and in winter it will be covered with snow as grassland takes on another new look.

the City Nearby
In the town extremities near Huang Long is the Ancient Wall, which was first built during the Tang Dynasty and rebuit in the Ming dynasty.
the Ancient Wall
It is 6.2 kilometres long and consists of an inner part and the outer part. As history recorded, the town not only had military importance, but also promoted trade between the Han people and the minorities.

Within the vicissitudes of the city, the people of Zang, Qiang, Hui and Han experienced ups and downs during the war. The city wall recorded the historic changes and showed the character of a nation - deep, bold, and generous. Today when you step up on the top of the wall, you can't help sighing with emotion and thoughtfulness.

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