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 Chinese Culture






Eternity -- Overview

This is an overview of what this section contains. This section is by far the shortest of all three; however, the Chinese language is not at all the least significant aspect of China. On the contrary, language is the root of development in a civilization. Only a few characters will be taught in the tutorial because selecting the most important characters would be to difficult. And to create a conversational vocabulary, an exhaustive list of characters would have to be taught. So a few characters will be used to illustrate certain ideas and concepts about the Chinese language, and only one character will be used to teach stroke order.

Essentially only the basic concepts and ideas behind the Chinese language will be presented in this section. Only a few actual Chinese characters will be introduced. However, the characters presented will have the Mandarin pronunciation accompanying them. Chinese is very broad, therefore, it is very hard to represent it on a few webpages; a majority of the most significant aspects of the language have been included but not in depth.

Before starting with the tutorial, the user will learn what to do and what not to do in Useful Information. Some pointers and tips will be given on how to approach learning the Chinese language. These helpful hints are intended to make it easier for the user to start learning Chinese.