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Beauty -- The Land Of China

"Some people ask me why I want to live in this mountain forest. I just smile and do not answer. My heart feels very peaceful and happy. The flowing water carries floating peach blossoms far away. This is a special, beautiful place. Living here I feel that I am not in the world of mortals."

--Chinese poet Li Bai

In Shanghai, a businessman peers around to find himself amidst vast crowds and massive skyscrapers. A Tibetan in the southwest can see Mount Everest overlooking the dry and cold timberland. In a small boat on the Li River, a country worker travels between the isolated limestone hills of Guilin. Farmers near the city of Xian observe their dry, wheat-growing fields. The beaches of the island of Hainan allow tourists to enjoy a beautiful sunset. In the north, Mongols examine the Gobi desert.

The land here is broad and diverse. Among this immense piece of earth, one can find both farmer and businessman; mountain and plain; drought and rainfall; wasteland and farmland. It is vast, it is multifaceted. And yet these collections of disparate and dissimilar presences are bound as one, side by side with each other. They are together, they are connected. They are united, united under one name: China.

the Land of China: an Aspect
It is impossible to choose a single word that exactly represents all the land of China. The Himalayan Mountains might have "majesty," or the Forbidden City might have "opulence," but certainly the two are quite different and cannot be swapped. Yet there is a word that can describe all the land of China: the cities, the mountains, the villages, the plains, the towns, the rivers, the deserts. That word is Beauty.

The land of China is beautiful in all aspects. Here, you will be able to learn about and explore all the faces and landmarks of this vast country. Come and discover the Land of China!


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