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Eternity -- Tutorial

the Character "Large" (Pronunciation)
This beginner's tutorial is really a beginner's tutorial. As mentioned before, the concepts and ideas behind Chinese characters are emphasized here not the characters. Even the concepts don't go into very much detail. To try teach even a reasonable vocabulary would be too daunting a task. The main goal of this tutorial is to help users to understand the language and perhaps gain a greater appreciation for it. Hopefully, this tutorial opens up the user's world to all Eastern languages.

The first part of the tutorial introduces exactly what a character is and how to write one. Also the evolution of the character will be explained here.

The next part of the tutorial will teach the basic grammar of the language. This part will present the basic features of the Chinese grammar.

The third part of the tutorial explains the pronunciation systems used. The details of the two systems will not be presented because this area is very extensive.

The last part will teach the user one character, "forever". The method of writing this character with the proper stroke order will be demonstrated here. Also the Mandarin pronunciation of the character will be given.