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 Chinese Culture







One of the most vital characteristics of all cultures - Music. The Music of China is truly one-of-a-kind. When listening to Chinese music, those who are not familiar with it will know that what they're hearing is something very different and truly breathtaking. Even modern Chinese music, in a style very much like Western modern music, is somewhat distinct.

Why is this so? Why does Chinese music sound different from Western music? Traditional Chinese music puts certain emphasis on each the five musical elements much differently than its Western counterpart. Chinese music also uses a different scale, using a five-tone scale rather than the eight-tone scale of Western music. One cannot also ignore the fact that Chinese music is sung in the Chinese language, which will surprise and strike many Westerners as odd and incredible.

Although different and seemingly "odd", Chinese Music is unique and beautiful in its own and special way. So open up those ears and speakers, and get ready for a Chinese musical treat!


The traditional Chinese instruments of China - producing beautiful sounds and enchanting melodies.

Traditional Chinese Music

Traditional Chinese Music, combined with its traditional instruments, is a marvel and one of the greatest aspects of Chinese Culture, old or new.

Modern Chinese Music

The Modern Music of China may not strike you to be any different at all from Western Music. With the generic drum set, electric guitars, headsets and microphones, outdoor stage, and a huge crowd of fans screaming as loud as they can, the setting of a Chinese concert today will bring reminders of the influence of Western Culture on the Chinese society.