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 Chinese Culture






Visual Arts

The Visual Arts of China make Chinese traditional Culture truly a beauty and a charm. Traditional Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, and Chop Engraving are great treasures of the Chinese civilization as they date far back into history and are still a great part of Chinese society today. The Porcelain Pottery and Embroidery of China are like no other; and the uniqueness and beauty of Macramé and Paper Cutting set a new standard for visual arts.

You will find no other art in the world like the Visual Arts of China. Come and explore its great beauty, magnificence, uniqueness, tradition, and treasures.


The Art of Traditional Chinese Painting and its importance to Chinese society yesterday and today.


The Art of Chinese Calligraphy and its great impact throughout history and today.

Chop Engraving

The Art of Chinese Chop Engraving - the art that combines two and three dimensional art.

Pottery and Porcelain

The Art of Chinese Pottery and Porcelain


Macramé - the Ties that Bind.


Embroidery - a Chinese development of intricate, elaborate, and colorful stitches that brings luck and wealth.

Paper Cutting

Paper Cutting - artistic creations from nimble fingers.

Folk Prints

A depiction of legends, religious imagery, and everyday lives of the Chinese people.