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 Chinese Culture






Performing Arts

Just like in most places, Performing Arts in China are an important part of society. Everyday people in China rush to go see an opera, a program of festivities, or a puppet show, live or on television. Such presentations bring smiles and delight to people of ages, from small children to the elderly.

Chinese Opera in Beijing
What makes Chinese Performing Arts different is the uniqueness of its Folk Arts, Acrobatics, Opera, Dance, and Puppetry. These are truly Chinese and nothing else, all bring inspiration and enchantment to its viewers, both Chinese and foreign.

Another thing that sets Chinese Performing Arts apart is how good the performances and performers are. How exactly do those dancers move about and leap with such alacrity and synchronization? How can those young acrobats flip and throw each other and shoot bows from arrows by the feet? How can those opera singers act so well and sing from this note to that with such accuracy?

The answer is simple, and yet awe-inspiring. All performers in China are true professionals, for they have trained day in and day out, every single day and night, since their early childhood. Practically ever since birth these performers have enrolled in special training schools to become professional performers, and they do not live normal lives. Such hard work does pay off for the respect and admiration they receive from their audiences.


Tumble, flip, twist, and turn, the young acrobats of China pull out the most magnificent performances.


The art of Chinese Opera.

Chinese Dance

With unique and beautiful Chinese costumes and props, Chinese Dance is truly fascinating.


Behind back-lit screens or surrounded by a miniature setting, puppet plays awaken childhood memories for many.