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Design Arts

Why do tourists always go to the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, or the Beihai Park when they visit Beijing? Why do many households, stores, and museums all over the world today contain various Chinese artifacts and treasures? Why do people treasure such designs of China?

Sure, such artifacts and designs are worth quite a fortune. How nice it would be to show your prestige to own something of such value! But an object's worth is not the true reason why people hold it with prestige.
Chinese Wall Design
Why is the object worth so much in the first place? Why do you think people put such high respect for Chinese Design Art?

The Design Arts of China are rare and hard to find because each and every piece is unique and one-of-a-kind. You don't see many places like the Forbidden City, do you? The architecture and garden designs of the Summer Palace are nowhere else to be found. Even that Chinese chair or lamp sitting in your house right now might be something that only you in the world will have.

Such designs come with rare beauty and style. Simple or complex and big or small, all the designs of China are glamorous and magnificent - and truly a treat and delight for the eyes.


The unique architecture of ancient Chinese buildings.


The wondrous Chinese furniture of ancient, and even modern, China.


The art of Chinese Bronzes.

Lacquer Art

The Chinese Traditional Art of Laquer.


Cloisonné - the art of decorative enameling - as soft and smooth as jade, as glittering as jewelry, and as delicate as china.


Chinese Jade - the everlasting symbol of Chinese civilization.