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 Chinese Culture






Living & Values

People of the West find both traditional and modern Chinese Life full of mystery as it can be difficult to understand. Why is it that most Chinese families are strict and so close-knit? Did and do they stress certain values? Were and are their standards different from other people of other countries? The answer is yes; the Chinese lived quite differently from other cultures in the past. Even today (though not as prominent), people find that the Chinese, both in China and abroad, are still distinct and separate.

Moon Cake for the Moon Festival
Chinese living and values have attracted much attention from all over the world in all aspects. Have you ever watched the recent movie or read the book the Joy Luck Club? Have you ever seen the many yin-yang symbols in nearby jewelry stores? Have you ever visited a local Chinatown to see the Chinese festivities? Have you ever encountered in stores various shoes and clothing made of Chinese material or in Chinese style? Have you ever tried or heard of acupuncture? Or have you ever sat down in a local Chinese restaurant, eager to eat delicious Chinese food?

Nine times out of ten you have done almost all of the things listed above. Western societies may find the Chinese living style of the East quite unique, peculiar, and difficult to understand, but that hasn't stopped anyone from trying to experience and live the fascinating lifestyle. In study and pursuit to find out why the Chinese are the way they are, many discover and see a whole new perspective on life.

Way of Life

How exactly did the Chinese live? How is it different today? What are their standards and their values?


The beauty and elegance of Chinese traditional clothing and its place in society today.


The important days of the Chinese, and how they celebrate.


Traditional Chinese Medicine and its revival.

Food and Drink

What everyone loves: Chinese Food. What makes Chinese food, wine, and tea unique, and how the Chinese use them in their lives.